Project 365 – Days 34-40 – My week that was!

Project 365 – Days 34-40 – My week that was!

Another week of Project 365 down, and another week of 2013 over with…… Do you remember being a child and it seemed to take FOREVER to get through the school week, Christmas appeared to approach at snail’s pace and birthdays lasted forever!  Now, it feels as if everything approaches too quickly and my babies are growing at an alarming rate!

This is my week that was:

Day 34– Daddy was working nights again and I, for some reason, didn’t get to bed until after midnight.  I found Princess Pants fast asleep on my bed, with her dummy in.  It was the first photo of the day and is still my absolute favourite.  (I love sleeping photographs of the children; they are just so quiet and peaceful.)  When I picked her up to move her into her bed she mumbled something that resembled “Love you, Mammy” and snuggled into me.  I could have turned back around and cwtched her into my bed with me.

Day 35 – The Postman brought me a lovely parcel on Monday morning.  Some pretty purple Converse from Sim (at Sim’s Life).  I haven’t actually taken a photograph of these yet but the photograph of the day was to justify why I need a new pair of Converse.  We both agreed that it’s surprising my old ones haven’t walked off by themselves.  If you look carefully, you can see the holes that have appeared… I have owned them over 7 years and they are my everyday shoes.

Day 36/37 – Ahh, yes, this was the day with the suspected Calpol overdose.  For the whole story read about our night at A & E.  36 was taken before midnight, 37 was taken after midnight!

Day 38 – As if a night at A & E wasn’t enough for Princess Pants, she decided on Thursday morning that it would be good to kiss the floor on the way into Meithrin.  Daddy decided to bring her home for me to check she was okay.  I cleaned her up and she demanded that we take her back to school… After Meithrin, the three of us went for a spot of lunch (and a Babychino) at the Garden Centre.

Day 39 – As always, my children slept until 8am (why is it that when they don’t have school they are up at the crack of dawn?) and then decided they fancied a cuddle in Boyo’s bed!  I love these moments because I realise how much love they have for each other.

Day 40 – At the start of the week I made arrangements with a friend to visit The Play Farm.  As it turns out she cancelled on me the night before and it ended up being just the three of us.  We took PP to her ballet lesson and then headed to The Play Farm for a spot of lunch and some play time!  We had a blast.  I read my new book, Naval Gazing, for 3.5 hours while the littlies played.  We also all had a biscuit and a cake as a treat.

At the end of such a busy week, we are now having a nice chilled out Sunday ready for the fun that is to be Half Term!!!  Woop woop! The only downside is that Daddy is on nights. Oh well, onwards and upwards.  (Click the image to view The Boy and Me’s 365 Linky!

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