Why I am glad I have a daughter!

Why I am glad I have a daughter!

why im glad i have a daughterOver the weekend I read an article on Parentdish written by Ursula Hirschkorn titled ‘Why I am glad I don’t have daughters’.  It left me feeling offended and a little upset.  Granted, I haven’t yet faced the teenage years with either of my children, especially the ‘mirror image’ of my own ‘contrary complexity’ that Ursula says many women long for but I know I love my daughter and everything that comes with her.  So join me, please, in appreciating our daughters.

I never once longed for a daughter; in fact I was quite concerned about the thought of having one.  You see, I’m not a ‘girly girl’.  I’m much happier in my flat shoes, baggy jeans and with my hair scraped back into a ponytail; oh, and I NEVER wear makeup.  I often wondered how I would cope with pretty dresses, pig tails & French plaits.

When I found out Princess Pants was a girl, I cried, I was relieved my baby was finally here safely and elated that Boyo had the sister he’d been asking for (for over a year).

3 years on, and I love having a daughter just as much as I love having a son.  They are equally challenging in their own ways, but also equally loving.  Raising Boyo isn’t as gloriously simple as Ursula makes out (although, when PP is having one of her strops I would prefer 20 Boyo’s).  He actually thinks far too much for a seven year old.

So why are girls so wonderful?

With a girl every day is an adventure, PP is full of boundless energy and LOVES to be centre of attention.  She loves pretty pink clothes, and will twirl on demand.  One of her favourite past-times is to put on a ‘show’ for us; her favourite song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

With a girl every day is filled with love; PP knows how to make me smile when I feel sad.  I know Boyo loves me but he shows it in a totally different way.  There’s never a shortage of cwtches when PP is around.

With a girl every day is a pretty day; PP thinks everything is pretty.  Even down to her ‘grown up’ school uniform, the flower in the garden; even how green the grass is.

With a girl there will be rough days… that’s expected, after all girls follow their mothers… Princess Pants is just as complicated as me… It’s funny really because it means we understand each other.

With a girl there will be understanding.  I never understood my mother until I became a mother.  Now I realise everything my Mam ever did was because she loves me.

With a girl there is a….. best friend for life.  No bond is quite the same as the one between a Mother and a Daughter, and I know that one day I will be lucky enough to have a best friend in my daughter.