The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge – Week 4!

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge – Week 4!

So here we are, another week down!  How quickly are these weeks going?  So how has this week’s weight loss challenge gone?

The stats as of Monday 21st January:

WEIGHT: 18 stone 11.4lb
CHANGE (on previous week): -3lb
TOTAL weight lost: 12.6lb

I’m feeling really crap about my weight loss challenge tonight after a little bit of a shit week.  Hubby-to-be started a new job last Monday and the week has been completely topsy turvy.  My usual routine and structure has been thrown out of the window, but that isn’t something to dwell on in this post.

Monday, I decided to give myself a day off.  Princess Pants had a birthday party to attend, and food for the adults was provided as well.  Now, I’m not one to turn down free food, it explains why I have so much weight to lose.  I also indulged in a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream…. It was well worth it!

With the headache from hell on Friday, I treated us all to chip shop chips and battered sausages.  Again it was worth it!

Oh, and a play date yesterday resulted in me over indulging on chips AGAIN!!!

I’ve been kind of obsessively weighing again this week, albeit less frequently than the week before, and have gained the 3lb that I lost last week as of today.  This doesn’t bode well for weigh in tomorrow.

However, I am hoping that this weight gain can be attributed to my impending period.  I have really bad PMT for around 10 days leading up to it.  I’ve been like a big growly bear, constantly growling at the children to behave themselves, crying for no apparent reason, a baddy back, headaches, and I have a craving for super-sweet stuff (I really could just grab a spoon and the sugar jar at the moment!).  Oh, and super sore breasticles.  So, the gain could be attributed to it.

So, forgive me if my mood doesn’t get any better once I weigh in tomorrow.