The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge

A new year always brings the hopes for the best year ever with it.  This year for us is going to be pretty darn special if I say so myself.

In 255 days, at this time, I’m going to be getting prepared for the biggest moment of my life.  It will be the moment I say “I do”!  I have so many worries and fears about that moment.  I get stage fright unless I’m playing a character that isn’t me.  I get all hot, sweaty and uncomfortable if all eyes are on me.  However, pretending to be somebody else at the moment you get married isn’t the ideal way to start married life.  I want to be me at the end of that aisle, and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.  Not to mention the fact I need to be able to breath in my wedding dress (kindly on loan from my BFF – she could have made a small fortune out of me you know?).

Yesterday, I started the challenge that will see me get in the dress with room to spare; The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge with the help of Weight Watchers.

I’ve always been a ‘big’ girl with enough tyres to give the Michelin Man a run for his money.  I don’t think I’ve been under 17 stone since I was a teenager.  My first pregnancy added 4 stone and I was well over 21 stone in July 2006.

I joined Slimming World for 3 months and lost 2 stone.  I managed to keep this weight off and when I found out I was pregnant with Princess Pants I weighed 19st 5lb.  I expected to gain 4 stone again.  I only gained 4lb and within a week of her arrival I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes.  However over the last 3 years I’ve slowly crept up and in May I weighed 20st 10lb.

Now, I weigh 19st 10lb and now, something needs to be done.

Weight Watchers use the ProPoints system and I like the freedom of it already.  Just because I’m trying to lose weight it doesn’t mean I can’t have a bit of what I fancy.  Plus, I cook at home, from scratch most nights, which means that I am able to use the Weight Watchers website to work out the ProPoints in a serving of whatever I am cooking.

I have 8 targets that will hopefully let me see 12 stone on the weighing scales at the end.

Starting Weight
276lb 19st 10lb
Target 1
Beaten 21/01/2013
266lb 19st
Target 2 252lb 18st
Target 3 238lb 17st
Target 4 224lb 16st
Target 5 210lb 15st
Target 6 196lb 14st
Target 7 182lb 13st
Target 8 168lb 12st


So, my challenge has started… shedding 3st 10lb in 8 months is doable isn’t it?