The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 3!

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 3!

The end of Week 3 of my challenge to lose around 3st 10lb in order to fit into my wedding dress has seen me hit highs & lows already.  Let us start with my weight loss as of Monday, weigh in day.

Weight: 19st 0.4lb
Change: -4.6lb

You could say I’m very happy with the answer my weighing scales gave me.  I just hope I see a loss tomorrow.

I’m a rather naughty dieter, I develop a habit of weighing myself every morning and this week has been rather soul destroying.  Every day I weighed, it was showing an ever so slight weight increase… be it 0.1lb or 0.2lb.  Every time I would say to Sim “I’m not weighing tomorrow, it’s driving me crazy!”  But when I woke up I’d still get on the scales.  This morning, however, was slightly less soul destroying, but I’m not divulging that information until next Sunday… 😉

So, other than the obsessive weighing, how has my week been?

Monday was a relatively good day.  Shopping arrived & I had a lovely fully stocked fridge complete with Weight Watchers yoghurts, bagels & Tortilla Wraps.  (Rather yummy if I say so myself!)

Wednesday, I enjoyed Italian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce and still ended the day with 10 ProPoints remaining.  Chronic, eh?

Thursday, I had a massive splurge.  Hubby-to-be was out for the evening (his leaving meal) and me and the little ones were home alone.  I ate sausage in batter and chips from the chippy.  It made my kids’ days!  (And it was worth the 27 points).

I haven’t been particularly active this week, 10 minutes on Zumba & 10 minutes on the Wii Fit… I will up that.   I promise.  😉

So my plans for this week are to up my activity levels and attempt to eat more fruit!  Italian MeatballsShopping is coming tomorrow, which means more yummy food to get my teeth into.  I’m also hoping the fitness DVD I have ordered will arrive, along with the chest of drawers for my bedroom.

Good luck everyone else on the weight loss journey and I’ll check in sometime soon.