The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge – Week 2

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge – Week 2

twwlcSo here I am, at the end of week 2 of my Wedding Weight Loss Challenge.  At the beginning of week 1 I had 3st 10lb to lose before I could get into my wedding dress.

WEIGHT: 19st 5lb
CHANGE: -5lb

On Monday I began to feel really disheartened because the battery for my weighing scales still hadn’t arrived and I had no idea if the Weight Watchers diet was working.  I aired my worries to Sim, she immediately demanded that I dust off the Wii Fit board and give it a shot, so I did.  I wasn’t thrilled with the reply from Wii Fit, but I had an idea that it was working so it wasn’t so bad.

Tuesday, and my battery arrived, it was awesome to see that I’d lost a whole 5lb.  I was over the moon.  At 19st 5lb I am the same weight as I was before my pregnancy with Princess Pants.

On Wednesday I did use all my ProPoints after visiting my grandparents and eating homemade chips and corned beef.  Was it worth it?  Hell yeah!! I hardly ever have real chips so when I do I savour every mouthful… It was bloody stunning.  I was good after my dinner when offered a jam tart… I refused. J

Overall, I’ve had around 8 ProPoints spare every day.  Weight Watchers say you should eat all your points.  However, if I don’t want anything else and am fully satisfied should I then go and eat just for the sake of eating?  Surely that would be false economy..  My aim is to lose weight, and that is what I am doing while thoroughly satiating my appetite.

How am I feeling at the end of Week 2?

Great!  In a word.  I’ve not felt this happy in a long time.  I’m very close to possibly being the lightest I have been in 7 years.  I’m one step closer to the new me.  I have absolutely no regrets with this diet, I’m eating the food I love and so much more vegetables…. Oh, and I’m pooing more frequently (in case you wanted to know).


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