Separation – Life after a marriage breakdown

It has been a year since the marriage breakdown… a whole 12 months since Jim moved out of the family home.  It has been a year since I embarked on life as a single parent and, despite having the best intentions to start with, I’ve realised I don’t want to play ‘happy families with the ex’… I’d like to keep him at arm’s length and concentrate on what makes me happy.

Self-Reflection: Redefining what Christmas means to me

With Christmas just around the corner, I find myself pausing to reflect on the journey so far.  Self-reflection is such an important part of my journey.  I realise I'm not a big fan of Christmas, yes, I do it but in recent years it's become more of a chore than anything else.

Is a perfect morning really possible? Part 1

Do you belong to the club of lying in bed until the very last second?  Then spend the morning rushing around like a headless chicken to leave the house on time. Or do you get up as soon as your alarm rings, take your time with a shower, and focus on grounding yourself before the day happens?

I suck at meditation

I suck at meditating… like really suck at it… to such an extent that meditation seemed to have the opposite effect than its intention. My mind has always been a monkey party, I can’t recall it ever being anything else.
The image contains a quote "little by little one travels far" by JRR Tolkien

In search of a level 10 life?

As the last 12 months have passed, I have made significant improvements in my life and how I see myself, however I also understand that self-development never ends.  Currently, I have limitations on my time that dictate which improvements I can make.  But I would like to develop all aspects of myself and my life further over time.