Our house is over-run with baby and toddler toys and while most of them are educational and fun, I love the occasional toy that is not so much about ABC’s and more about the more basic skills a baby learns… recognition. We were recently sent the Lamaze See Me, Hear Me Photo Album to review and having a cheeky monkey of a 12 month old, it was perfect.

lamaze see me hear me


The See Me, Hear Me Photo Album plays on the recognition skills your baby already has. It features four ‘lift-the-flap’ style wings that have photo frames underneath for you to place your own photographs in. Lifting each of the flaps and revealing the photograph, activates the recorded voice of the person in the photograph.

We have had great fun with the See Me, Hear Me Photo Album. Comma really loves lifting the flaps and hearing the recorded voices of Mummy, Daddy, Boyo and Princess Pants. He smiles, giggles or laughs depending on whose voice he is hearing. The problem is, he loves it so much I’m sick of hearing my own voice.

One big problem I have found is despite the photographs being protected in the frames, Comma appears to have figured out how to remove the photographs from the frames. While this is not a huge issue, we have given up keeping photographs in the frames and it now plays our voices without him seeing the pictures.

I love Lamaze toys and we have plenty of them and the Hear Me, See Me Photo Album fits in perfectly with the rest of the toy box. I think if Comma was younger the problem we have wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

The Lamaze Hear Me, See Me Photo Album is available direct from Tomy, major toy stores and online retailers.